Iman sutiyqui = como te llamas
Maypi tianqui = donde vives
Imata munanqui = que quieres
H'ayk'a watayoy qashanki = cuantos años tienes
mijurunquiñachu = ya comiste
unuta munani = quiero agua
Mayta rishanki = donde vas
Mayta k'awashanki = donde estas mirando
Mayta rinki = donde iras
Quebrada= Qaga, Waygu

Ayi yani kachani
Imanaya Kachanqui

estas expressiones cortesia de mi pata del Cuzco Freddy Pillco Blanco.
Tukuy suwan, llapanmi suwa nin.
A thief thinks that everyone else is also a thief.
Todo ladrón dice que todos son ladrones. 

Llakita mallispaqa manañan mikuytaqa munanichu.
Sadness takes away my appetite.
Cuando me siento triste pierdo el apetito. 

Pisin p’unchau llank’ay munaqpaqqa.
For those who want to work, the day seems too short, to do all the work that needs to be done.
Es corto el día para el quien quiere trabajar. 

Allinta Uyariyta yachaspaqa, allintataqmi yachanki.
If you listen and pay attention, you will learn well.
Si escuchas bien, también aprenderas bien. 

Khuyakuyqa yachaypaqmi, mana yachaspaqa usuchiwaqmi.
If you don’t know how to love, you will loose your love.
Hay que saber querer, si no sabes lo echarás a perder. 

Wañuymi aswan allin, qonqorchaki kausaytaqa.
It'’s better to die while standing, then live on your knees.
Es mejor morir que vivir de rodillas. 

allillanchu ("ah-yee-YAN-choo")—how are you?; allinmi ("ah-YEEN-me")—I'm fine;
maymantam ("my-MON-tom")—where are you from?;
imatam sutiyki ("ee-MAH-tom soo-TEE-kee")—what is your name?
The English word "jerky" comes from the Quechua word for dried meat, charki,
and the Spanish coca plant, which is the source of cocaine, gets its name from the Quechua word kuka.

A smaller number of Peru's indigenous highlanders, probably about half a million, speak Aymará,
the language of a tribe conquered by the Incas.
Also, in the rainforests of eastern Peru the 40 or so tribes speak a number of ancient tribal languages

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